Forum: Internet Privacy

Event Date & Time: 
Thu, Nov 2 - 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Why does Internet Privacy matter? With the internet so vital to our personal, business, health care and essential aspects of our lives, we are often unaware of what data is collected, how it is retained, and how it is shared. How much do we value privacy? And what personal information should be considered private.

This discussion was prompted by US Congress’ action in March of this year to repeal consumer privacy protections developed by the Federal Communications Commission after months of public comment. Following the repeal many states, including Washington, and cities including Seattle are taking the initiative to restore some of these protections for Internet Service Providers in their jurisdiction.

Our forum discussion will focus on how local institutions are dealing with privacy concerns.

Jim Loter, Director of Digital Engagement for the City of Seattle. His team supports technology, programs, and policies that connect the public with their government and helps ensure digital equity in Seattle. His portfolio includes privacy and smart city initiatives.

Sue Peters, Seattle School Board Director and education writer. She will address privacy issues regarding students and parents.

Julie Wise, King County Director of Elections, will address issues affecting voting.

Stephanie Whited of the Tor Project will address how to protect your digital privacy and security.

Seattle First Baptist Church
1111 Harvard Ave (at Seneca)

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