Upcoming Election Forums

Learn about the candidates you will be voting on in November. We currently have the following forums scheduled:

  • Monday, September 18 - 45th and 48th Legislative District Senate Races
  • Wednesday, October 4 - Seattle School Board
  • Thursday, October 5 - Seattle Mayor & City Council
  • Other groups are organizing forums and we are happy to share information. If you'd like us to publicize your event, please email forums@seattlelwv.org with the details.

    Missed a forum? Watch online.

    Time to use your Democracy Vouchers!

    A new opportunity for Seattle residents this year are
    Democracy Vouchers
    which were sent to all registered voters in January. You can use the publicly-financed vouchers to contribute up to $100 in $25 increments to candidates for city council and city attorney. Candidates who are participating in this program agree to limit their campaign fundraising and spending and participate in at least three public forums.

    Click here to see which candidates have qualified to accept donations in the form of Democracy Vouchers.

    Can't find your vouchers? Please call (206) 727-8855 or e-mail democracyvoucher@seattle.gov to request replacement vouchers. You will be asked to provide your name, date of birth, and mailing address.

    Newly registered? You should be getting them soon - but you can contact the Seattle elections department to verify.

    Legal permanent residents as well as registered voters are eligible to participate! Click here to check eligibility and apply.

    They Represent You

    They Represent You: Directory of Elected Officials
    The 2017 edition of our "TRY" directory is so popular this year we had to print more! It contains contact information for local elected officials as well as the county council, school boards, Washington state officials, legislative committees, political parties and more!

    View the TRY 2017 online; items highlighted in yellow are changes from the January print edition.

    Free copies are available at the League office, at local libraries and many county and city offices. Help support this valuable community resource with tax-deductible donation to our Education Fund.

    Email info@seattlelwv.org to request a copy. Please include your name, address and phone number. One or two directories may be mailed free of charge. For up to 150, the League requests postage reimbursement, or feel free to stop by our office to pick up your copies (click here for map and directions). Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

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