Money in Politics

The issue we are focusing on this month is Money in Politics. This is part of a nationwide study to address First Amendment rights of individuals, corporations and the media in the context of the recent decision by the Supreme Court in Citizens United. A number of articles and resources have been prepared by the League of Women Voters of the United States to help understand the complex issues involved in the financing of our elections. For ease of use, links to those resources are presented here:

League Says Yes on Best Starts for Kids and No on Move Seattle Levy

Sept. 22, 2015 - The League announced its recommendations on two of the measures voters will be deciding on this fall:

King County Best Starts For Kids Levy
We are encouraging voters to approve this levy - it's a smart investment that will reap long-term savings and create a more equitable community. We support early intervention programs helping children and families to prevent costlier problems down the road.

Read the full announcement here.

Move Seattle Transportation Levy
While we have a history of supporting investment in transportation infrastructure, including a variety of transportation options, we have concerns about transparency and accountability in this particular proposal and therefore are recommending a NO vote.

Read the full announcement and explanatory statement here.

The League previously endorsed Initiative 122 - Honest Elections Seattle which provides for an option for public financing of campaigns. It also lowers contribution limits for all candidates in City races and bans contributions from large city contractors or persons or entities that spend over $5,000 per year on paid lobbyists.

Read about the initiative and see the full text of the measure at Honest Elections Seattle.

Get Ready to Vote - Attend Your Local Election Forums!

In addition to the ballot issues forum on September 10, (watch the video here), the League will be co-sponsoring or helping with several others around the county. To help you connect with a convenient forum for you, we are posting announcements of all the public forums we hear about. Have one to announce? Email Check the calendar at right for the latest listings. More are added daily!

They Represent You

They Represent You: Directory of Elected Officials (TRY) contains contact information for elected officials in Washington state, legislative committees, political parties and more, and is updated each year in January.

View TRY 2015 online. Websites and email addresses are hyperlinked so you can click directly to the person you wish to contact.

Free copies are available at the League office, at local libraries and many county and city offices. Help support this valuable community resource with tax-deductible donation to our Education Fund.

Email to request a copy, including your name, address and phone number. One or two directories may be mailed free of charge. For up to 150, the League requests postage reimbursement, or feel free to stop by our office to pick up your copies (click here for map and directions) . Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

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